Devilnawa ( (he/him) is an artist, educator, and coach for shibari / Japanese bondage and safe BDSM practices. He performs at kink events, and burlesque shows and facilitates skillshare and beginner classes. He is the founder of Nawa. Visit for more information. Also you can find him on Instagram @Devilnawa.

Demona Katatonica (“DK”)

Demona Katatonica ( (he/they) is a non binary Sadomasochist, ProDom and 24/7 lifestyle BDSM practitioner. They began their journey 20 years ago in NYC, and have worked and educated at clubs in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. Their main areas of interest and expertise are in traditionally feminine dominated dynamics, bondage & discipline, and their CNC/TPE relationship with their Owner.

Miss Savvy

Miss Savvy ( (she/her) hails from the leather underground of San Francisco. She has headlined at the Folsom Street Fair artist stage as well as performed across the U.S. performing as a professional showgirl. Savvy currently lives in Honolulu and produces immersive events all over the Island. She is passionate about alternative lifestyle education! Check out for more!


Bunny-Reia ( (she/her) is a sadomasochistic bratty switch, previously involved in the Canberra, Australia scene as a bottom and active in Hawaii as a top. She has a glorious brat reputation (googly eyes are still being found in random places and whipped cream still triggers “MUST PADDLE THE BRAT” responses) and also enjoys brat taming as a top. Consensual bratting has always been an important value for her and she aims to educate for brat scenes and dynamics that everyone enjoys and shed light on brat misconceptions.

Meister Schmerz

Meister Schmerz ( (he/him) is a Professional Bad Guy with a track record going back over 20 years performing at some of the most infamous BDSM events on the planet, including Club Hell, Torture Garden, KitKat Club, and Wasteland Amsterdam. When not on the road performing or teaching at BDSM events and retreats, Schmerz is a bondage rigger for several adult sites and content creators, starting out his career with Dungeon Corp’s Strict Restraints site in 2008 with his most recent work appearing in Hustler magazine. Schmerz has been honing and developing his 24/7 M/s Lifestyle for the past 20 years, finding it to be one of the most satisfying aspects of his BDSM. Find out more at or

Mistress Maru

Mistress Maru ( (she/her) is an artist, aerialist, professional photographer, and educator. Her specialty is the seductive art of Shibari / Japanese bondage. Dancing on the fine line of fantasy and reality, Maru performs at events, burlesque shows, and facilitates aerial skill-share sessions.

Master Em

Master Em ( (he/him) comes from Hilo, and has been teaching rope bondage privately since 2007 and started teaching publicly at conventions and festivals since 2016. He has taught the Shibari 101: Kikou Karada for Kawaii Kon from 2017 to 2019.

Domina Jia

Domina Jia ( (they/them) has been a professional dominatrix since 2012 where they learned about the magical world of BDSM from other dommes in a commercial dungeon in New York City. Jia was born and raised in Hawai’i, and moved back to O’ahu in 2021 from New York. Domina Jia has a number of kinky interests but they specialize in needleplay and blood play. They believe that blood play is a way to intimately connect to another person. Jia aims to create safer and fun spaces through trust building and skill sharing.