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September Newsletter

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

Going into the fall season we got lots of themed parties lined up. This Friday we’re featuring our first Spanko event, Back To The Woodshed presented by Riverpaw, and Saturday we’re hosting Voyeurs vs Exhibitionists presented by Miss Savvy and DK. 

More events this month include Nawa Farm: Hoe Down presented by Guilty and Shawna, where you can dress up as your favorite sexy farm animal or ranch hand – yeehaw! 

Something we’re really excited about is the debut of S Factor: Fluid Feminine Movement presented by Orgasm Goddess (OG). This is open to all genders and body types, but it is geared to getting in touch with your own feminine energy and channeling it though movement and dance. 

We also are hosting Sensual Awakening by Perfectpeacock. It’s a spiritual play party that explores deeper connections in kink. To be vetted, please follow this link:

Special thanks to all those that attended out first munch last month, I think we’re gonna do another one on Sunday Sept 17th. The folks that attended are looking to call it Grillbari Munch. Will the name stick? We’ll let history decide. 

Here’s September’s events – links will be added on Fetlife, Instagram, and as they become available: 

Sept 5 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 8 – Back to the Woodshed presented by Riverpaw

Welcome to River’s woodshed, a spanko’s paradise. This will be a safe space for spanking fetishists and enthusiasts to come a play and meet other like minded people. Since this is a spanking party, only spanking play is allowed. Shabari is OK as long as the focus is on spanking.

Sept 9 – Voyeurs vs Exhibitionists Presented by Miss Savvy and DK

At this event, we believe that voyeurs enhance the enjoyment of the exhibitionists, just as the exhibitionists enhance the excitement for voyeurs. Whether you’ve yearned to engage in intimate acts in the presence of onlookers or prefer to observe rather than participate, this gathering is tailor-made for you.

Sept 10 – S Factor: Fluid Feminine Movement Presented by OG. 

Start Your Journey to reclaim all that is vital to Your Feminine Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. Reconnect to Your Vitality, Sensuality, Core Desires, and Reignite Your Divine Inner Light. 

Sept 12 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 15 – Sip and Stroke 

Enjoy a night erotic paint and poetry poetry! Featuring Award Winning Poet, Miz Kiki and friends!! Sensual Themes Pre-Stenciled canvases and paint supplies will be provided and one glass of complimentary wine.

Sept 16 – Nawa Farm: Hoe Down presented by Guilty and Shawna

Dress up as your favorite farm animal or just wear your favorite rodeo outfit. 

Sept 17 – Grillbari Munch at Kakaako Park Presented by Honolulu Rack Society

3pm-6pm. When entering Kakaako Park, take a left and head towards the bathrooms. Look for our tent. Bring drinks and snacks, and something to sit on! FREE FOR EVERYONE. 

Sept 19 – Cigar Social: Do you remember? at Row Bar Presented by TheLadyReaper

Welcome to the Cigar Social! Wanna see some old friends and meet new kinky people? We’ve got you covered. This is a public event, so all are welcome. If you’ve been curious about meeting your local kink community, this is the perfect opportunity. BRING CASH if ordering anything from the bar. 

Sept 19- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 23 – Sensual Awakening Presented by Perfectpeacock

It’s a spiritual play party that explores deeper connections in kink. To be vetted, please follow this link:

Sept 26 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 29 – Welcome to the Darkside Presented by Perfectpeacock


Sept 30 – Men’s Play Event (Name TBA) Presented by Renboitie


Quote I’m Pondering:

“I once read a quote “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved” and there is so much depth to that. It is possible to love someone with the hopes you can trust them but nothing ruins that love faster than a betrayal of trust. Once lost, its nearly impossible to get back. My profession is no different. Trust is the primary building block that allows the dynamic to grow and the boundaries to be challenged and pushed. Without it, my play style wouldn’t be as fulfilling because I thrive on the power of trust.” 

-Isabella Sinclaire

Cool Stuff under 100 bucks:

Weighted Blanket, 20 pounds
Great for aftercare, the compression is very comfortable. Works best with an AC if you can crank it, and someone to snuggle up with. 

Stay safe out there,

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August Newsletter

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

We’ve been busy at work with lots of classes and events coming out with lots of kinky goodness happening every weekend of August at Nawa. Not just that, we’ve been seeing a lot of action during Open Floor Nights, so welcome new members! 

We just bought a pop-up gazebo, hopefully we’ll be able to throw at least one munch at a park per month. We’re still figuring it out, but we’ll be announcing it as soon as we got a date and place. 

Here’s some events I got my eye on links will be added on Fetlife, Instagram, and as they become available: 

Sep 1 – Shibari parts 1 and 2 (Details coming soon)

Quote I’m Pondering

“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”
— Madam C.J. Walker

A book I’d gift someone

Story of O by Pauline Reage

How far will a woman go to express her love? In this exquisite novel of passion and desire, the answer emerges through a daring exploration of the deepest bonds of sensual domination. “O” is a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer, determined to understand and prove her consuming devotion to her lover, René, through complete submission to his every whim, his every desire. 

Cool Stuff under 50 bucks

TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit

You may not have heard of this little device yet — at least for kink — but for under 40 bucks I think once you get to know what it’s capable of, you’ll seriously consider getting one. It’s a little machine with 4 sticky pads you stick to someone’s body. You turn the machine on and the muscles under the pads contract. It’s handy for relaxing sore muscles, but it’s also a great tool to spice up bondage scenes.

Stay safe out there,

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July Newsletter

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

Behind the scenes have been a nonstop water hose, setting up a lot of events through the rest of summer and into the fall. We got Barbies, Pup mosh, Power Exchange, and of course, more rope events! 

Special thanks to Mr Thudly for fixing one of the house florentine floggers, and reinforcing the bondage table in the lounge area. 

Here’s some events I got my eye on links will be added on Fetlife, Instagram, and as they become available: 

Quote I’m Pondering:

“Out of difficulties grow miracles.” — Jean de la Bruyère

A book I’d gift someone:

The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou. I’m still reading the first act – it’s about a recently admitted group of slaves going though training at one of the best slave schools in the world. So far it’s kinda like slave Hogwarts but it’s so far so good. It’s been highly recommended at our Foundation to Power Exchange classes. 

Cool Stuff under 50 bucks:

I have 6 jute ropes ready to go in the Nawa Store. I also have 3 raw hanks as well if you like processing your own ropes. Both are for local pickup only at Nawa.

Stay safe out there,


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End of June going out with a Bang!

So many great events and classes going on at Nawa this weekend. Here’s the breakdown.

Get WET: Men’s Play Party Presented by Renboitie

Guest list only – please sign up here to be vetted by @renboitie prior to event:

Ticket link – please get vetted befor purchase:

We are hosting an intro BDSM/Kink/Fetish play party! This is a welcoming atmosphere for men and for all folks with lived experiences as men. There will be stations and monitors at different locations within the studio. First-timers are welcome! Come have some fun! Bring your rope, toys, and anything else you want to show off!

Intro to Flying by Mistress Maru

For best results, come prepared for a workout. Wear form fitting workout attire and bring a partner (not required). Space is limited, about 8-10 people.

Aerial & rope suspension is a dangerous activity. However, with a mindful approach, we can mitigate major dangers and even smaller ones.

Intro to Flying (4-5:30pm)
Have you ever considered getting a workout in the air? Intro to Flying involves defying gravity and using your strength to bend and maneuver through aerial straps secured from the ceiling. Targeted for beginners, tops, bottoms, and anyone that would like to get their feet off the ground, this class will cover drills from strengthening to increasing flexibility, with rope suspension in mind. There will be demonstrations, hands-on instruction, and practice time.

Class format:

  • Warm ups – mobility, strength, & flexibility drills
  • Safety & basic suspension poses
  • Self Care

@MistressMaru (she/her) is an artist, aerialist, professional photographer, and educator. Her specialty is the seductive art of Shibari / Japanese bondage. Dancing on the fine line of fantasy and reality, Maru performs at events, burlesque shows, and facilitates aerial skill-share sessions. Check out Mistress Maru for more!

Foundations for Power Exchange Relationships


Part 1 (2:30pm-3:30pm)
This 1-hour class introduces power exchange relationship dynamics and how archetypes are used to make them more fulfilling. We will be leaving it open ended to include a roundtable discussion for people with questions and concerns about their own dynamics. This the first of several classes written to create a personal road map for attendees to prepare for their journey into power exchange relationships as well as some valuable tools for those already on their journey. Future classes will explore how to develop power exchange relationships through the use of Protocol, Ritual, Service, Ceremony and other useful tools.

Part 2 (3:45pm-5:30pm)
(Text Pending)

Your Instructor:
@Meister_Schmerz (he/him) is a Professional Bad Guy with a track record going back over 20 years performing at some of the most infamous BDSM events on the planet, including Club Hell, Torture Garden, KitKat Club, and Wasteland Amsterdam. When not on the road performing or teaching at BDSM events and retreats, Schmerz is a bondage rigger for several adult sites and content creators, starting out his career with Dungeon Corp’s Strict Restraints site in 2008 with his most recent work appearing in Hustler magazine. Schmerz has been honing and developing his 24/7 M/s Lifestyle for the past 20 years, finding it to be one of the most satisfying aspects of his BDSM. Find out more at or

BDSM 101


Welcome to the kink life! While there’s no “one true way” in doing kink, in this class we suggest some best practices that can aid you in navigating this lifestyle in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. We’ll be covering privacy, ethics, basic scene breakdown, vetting partners, negotiation and consent, communicating intensity, scene etiquette, aftercare, drops, also notes on additional resources for further learning. If you wanna learn how it all goes down, we hope to see you there!

Devilnawa (he/him) is an artist, educator, and coach for shibari / Japanese bondage and safe BDSM practices. He performs at kink events, and burlesque shows and facilitates skillshare and beginner classes.

Sunday Service


PLEASE NOTE: Kink 101 is required if you haven’t been a Nawa event before or attended orientation (

Sunday Service is an event that not just take service tops and bottoms and give them a open safe place, it’s also for service industry that finally have a place to live it up on a Sunday. We will be debuting this event on July 2nd.

With enough support, we might be able to rotate a party like this in more regularly. Light refreshments and snacks provided.

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May Newsletter

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

Happy May everyone – lots happening here behind the scenes, mainly applying for non-profit status so we can have a little more flexibility with trying to get out name out there. We’re adding a lot more members discounts and events; we’ll try to add as many skillshare events as we can.

Shout out to Suzies ( for sponsoring this month’s Femme exclusive festivities. Please consider shopping there for your adult toy and novelty needs. 

New Membership Payment Methods

We are migrating everyone to new payment solutions so please bear with us, I will be reaching out to members as their billing cycle ends so we can transition as smooth as we can. Right now we have 2 ways. We have a link for a non-recurring one time payment for one month here:

OR we have a new PATREON that we’re developing with member content and fun stuff that automatically bills every month on the same day that you sign up. This is going to be what we’re using at least for the next few months, just look for the level that says “House Nawa Membership:”

Nawa Private Facebook Group

Also just letting you know that we have a private Nawa Facebook group that we’ve set up in case you want to get updates there, please consider joining:

Yoga Pants, Shirts and Other Swag:

If you’re looking for shirts and other Nawa swag, we are currently relocating the store to Etsy, please be patient with us as we get it all set up. Thanks! 

Here’s some events I got my eye on: 

  • May 5, 3-7pm – Kinko De Mayo
  • May 5, 9-11pm – Flogging Skillshare – It’s a 2-hour skillshare and social, it’s going to be fairly informal but should be a lot of fun. Try your hand at flogging and florentine. Open to all. Free for Nawa Members. 
  • May 6, 7pm-Midnight – Taurus Shenanigans – Vetted guestlist by Juicebox.
  • May 6 afterhours, 12am-6am – ALTAR, Aether Nightclub – Altar is a new goth after party at Aether. White and UV fetish attire are strongly suggested Devilnawa, PinupPony (Miss Savvy) and DK will be doing demos with UV wax, electrical play, shibari and impact! 
  • May 12, 7:30pm-2am – Kalena and Friends Are Back! – 
  • May 13, 5pm-6pm – Rope Bottoming for Every Body Part 1 with DK – This rope bottoming series will focus on safety as a bottom, how to vet a Rigger and how to know your limits before being tied. Geared towards all body shapes and sizes this class is taught by DK who has over 13 years of experience in shibari and western bondage floor work and suspensions. As someone with a rare disease and who is trans and queer, their focus is to make everyone who wants to be tied or tie feel confident in their abilities and to be able to advocate for themselves in and out of bondage.
  • May 13, 7pm-11pm – Dangerous Curves – Inviting all luscious ladies, curvy cuties, voluptuous vixens and those that adore them to come join us for a night of kinky fun. Come celebrate beautiful bodies and explore your wild side. We will have demos featuring rope/Shibari, impact/spanking and kinky games specialized for inclusivity.
  • May 18, Workshop 6-8pm, Social 8-10pm – Fem/ThemDom (Womxn, femme, non binary and trans only) – Join DK for an introductory discussion and practical applications for Dominants who identify as Femme or outside of the binary. This event is part of our May Femme Weekend, and intensive weekend of workshops and events specifically to celebrate and educate womxn and trans folx.
  • May 19 – Fem/ThemDom with DK:
  • May 20 & 21, 9m-11am – Coffee and Clothing Exchange (Womxn, femme, non binary and trans only) – Join us for our first ever clothing swap. This clothing exchange was specifically tailored by Miss Savvy for our trans femme family who may be recently transitioning or who may not be out and have access to feminine clothing that fits or makes them feel special. Please bring your gently used, clean items to NAWA during open floor nights and give to Devilnawa or DK or arrange to drop the with us before the event. Come grab a cup of coffee and a party and see what fits. Private area for changing will be available upon request.
  • May 20, 7pm-Midnight – Blossom – Come indulge in a spring fling for womxn and non binary folkx! Hosted in an inclusive & pressure free environment. Explore your senses and curiosities as we celebrate all things floral! This event is perfect for any experience level! Come solo, in a group or with in a pair! Either way you will learn something new or make a new connection! Guestlist only, vet via Miss Savvy 
  • May 21 – Spring Fling:
  • May 26, 7:30pm-Midnight – Purple Rain – Come play in the purple rain for our first 80s night! The theme for the night is Purple Rain, and we will be playing with all things UV!! Think big hair and high cuts! Neon everywhere!
  • May 27th – Shibari 101: Bedroom Bondage Basics:
  • May 28 – Sluts for Pancakes! Presented by Bunny-Reia and Flamango:

Quote I’m Pondering:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Jalaluddin Rumi

Cool Stuff under 50 bucks:

Smart phone chest mount and harness. For me, this will come in handy for filming POV content for educational stuff, but one may be able to use this for other applications.

Stay safe out there,
Devilnawa (

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Mid-April Update

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different lately. We recently lost our main payment processor, and part of the process of securing a new one is to rebuild the entire site. So please bear with us, for now we’re using PayPal and Venmo for all transactions until we migrate to the new system.

We need YOUR help!

If you can, please spread the word about us, we’re trying to get more members. We want to keep doing this as long as possible, your support means everything! Thank you everyone that’s been supporting us so far. 🫶🏼

Here’s some events I got my eye on: 

  • April 18: Cigar Social: April Showers
    Wanna see some old friends and meet new kinky people? We’ve got you covered. This is a public event, so all are welcome. If you’ve been curious about meeting your local kink community, this is the perfect opportunity.
  • Apr 21: Nawa Orientation
    Our Orientations are open to the public and anyone who is 18+ may attend, free of charge. This is where you will learn about our facility, our mission, our rules and conduct at parties & events, and the basics of what to expect as you explore at Nawa. Whether you join or not, it’s a great class of insights into our lifestyle & is very beneficial to anyone interested in how our lifestyle works.
  • Apr 21: Rope Skillshare and Social
    It’s a 2-hour skillshare and social, it’s going to be fairly informal but should be a lot of fun. We got loaner ropes if anyone needs. Open to all.
  • Apr 22: Leather and Lace
    Enjoy the social hour from 7-8 pm, and the floor opens at 8 pm for education and demos. Dress code is vanilla to the door… and leather, lace, or a combination of both inside! There will be demonstrations from the fabulous Issa Vybe, as well as the glamorous Kasey Kupcake! And of course a rope tying session for your consideration by the Devil Himself, Devilnawa.
  • Apr 28: Rope Intensive: Intro To Shibari, Parts 1 and 2
    We will be packing our “Intro To Shibari” series into ONE WEEKEND so if you wanna catch up on things, here is the perfect chance.
  • Apr 29: Rope Intensive: Intro To Shibari, Parts 3 and 4

Quote I’m Pondering:

All of us cannot be understood by another human being perfectly. There’s an area of loneliness inside everybody. To blame someone for not understanding you fully, is deeply unfair. It’s already hard enough for us to understand ourselves, and even when we do, we have such a hard time communicating ourselves to other people. Therefore, to be furious, enraged, and bitter that people don’t get who we are, is a cruel piece of immaturity. It’s the breeding ground of a certain type of impatience. 

Youtube video I’m really digging right now:

Polyamory, Open Relationships and Kink: A Conversation with Dr. Liz Powell

Does it seem like everyone in the kink community is into polyamory these days? What is up with those Doms who have 20 different submissive partners? What the heck is unicorn hunting, and what about triads? If you’ve been curious about non-monogamous relationships, swinging and or ethical polyamory than this is the conversation for you. From relationship styles, dealing with jealousy, myths and misconceptions, to how to open up your existing partnership this video has it all. Big thank you to Dr. Liz for sharing their thoughts!