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September Newsletter

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

Going into the fall season we got lots of themed parties lined up. This Friday we’re featuring our first Spanko event, Back To The Woodshed presented by Riverpaw, and Saturday we’re hosting Voyeurs vs Exhibitionists presented by Miss Savvy and DK. 

More events this month include Nawa Farm: Hoe Down presented by Guilty and Shawna, where you can dress up as your favorite sexy farm animal or ranch hand – yeehaw! 

Something we’re really excited about is the debut of S Factor: Fluid Feminine Movement presented by Orgasm Goddess (OG). This is open to all genders and body types, but it is geared to getting in touch with your own feminine energy and channeling it though movement and dance. 

We also are hosting Sensual Awakening by Perfectpeacock. It’s a spiritual play party that explores deeper connections in kink. To be vetted, please follow this link:

Special thanks to all those that attended out first munch last month, I think we’re gonna do another one on Sunday Sept 17th. The folks that attended are looking to call it Grillbari Munch. Will the name stick? We’ll let history decide. 

Here’s September’s events – links will be added on Fetlife, Instagram, and as they become available: 

Sept 5 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 8 – Back to the Woodshed presented by Riverpaw

Welcome to River’s woodshed, a spanko’s paradise. This will be a safe space for spanking fetishists and enthusiasts to come a play and meet other like minded people. Since this is a spanking party, only spanking play is allowed. Shabari is OK as long as the focus is on spanking.

Sept 9 – Voyeurs vs Exhibitionists Presented by Miss Savvy and DK

At this event, we believe that voyeurs enhance the enjoyment of the exhibitionists, just as the exhibitionists enhance the excitement for voyeurs. Whether you’ve yearned to engage in intimate acts in the presence of onlookers or prefer to observe rather than participate, this gathering is tailor-made for you.

Sept 10 – S Factor: Fluid Feminine Movement Presented by OG. 

Start Your Journey to reclaim all that is vital to Your Feminine Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. Reconnect to Your Vitality, Sensuality, Core Desires, and Reignite Your Divine Inner Light. 

Sept 12 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 15 – Sip and Stroke 

Enjoy a night erotic paint and poetry poetry! Featuring Award Winning Poet, Miz Kiki and friends!! Sensual Themes Pre-Stenciled canvases and paint supplies will be provided and one glass of complimentary wine.

Sept 16 – Nawa Farm: Hoe Down presented by Guilty and Shawna

Dress up as your favorite farm animal or just wear your favorite rodeo outfit. 

Sept 17 – Grillbari Munch at Kakaako Park Presented by Honolulu Rack Society

3pm-6pm. When entering Kakaako Park, take a left and head towards the bathrooms. Look for our tent. Bring drinks and snacks, and something to sit on! FREE FOR EVERYONE. 

Sept 19 – Cigar Social: Do you remember? at Row Bar Presented by TheLadyReaper

Welcome to the Cigar Social! Wanna see some old friends and meet new kinky people? We’ve got you covered. This is a public event, so all are welcome. If you’ve been curious about meeting your local kink community, this is the perfect opportunity. BRING CASH if ordering anything from the bar. 

Sept 19- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 23 – Sensual Awakening Presented by Perfectpeacock

It’s a spiritual play party that explores deeper connections in kink. To be vetted, please follow this link:

Sept 26 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 – Movie Night Presented by Perfectpeacock

Sept 29 – Welcome to the Darkside Presented by Perfectpeacock


Sept 30 – Men’s Play Event (Name TBA) Presented by Renboitie


Quote I’m Pondering:

“I once read a quote “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved” and there is so much depth to that. It is possible to love someone with the hopes you can trust them but nothing ruins that love faster than a betrayal of trust. Once lost, its nearly impossible to get back. My profession is no different. Trust is the primary building block that allows the dynamic to grow and the boundaries to be challenged and pushed. Without it, my play style wouldn’t be as fulfilling because I thrive on the power of trust.” 

-Isabella Sinclaire

Cool Stuff under 100 bucks:

Weighted Blanket, 20 pounds
Great for aftercare, the compression is very comfortable. Works best with an AC if you can crank it, and someone to snuggle up with. 

Stay safe out there,

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