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End of June going out with a Bang!

So many great events and classes going on at Nawa this weekend. Here’s the breakdown.

Get WET: Men’s Play Party Presented by Renboitie

Guest list only – please sign up here to be vetted by @renboitie prior to event:

Ticket link – please get vetted befor purchase:

We are hosting an intro BDSM/Kink/Fetish play party! This is a welcoming atmosphere for men and for all folks with lived experiences as men. There will be stations and monitors at different locations within the studio. First-timers are welcome! Come have some fun! Bring your rope, toys, and anything else you want to show off!

Intro to Flying by Mistress Maru

For best results, come prepared for a workout. Wear form fitting workout attire and bring a partner (not required). Space is limited, about 8-10 people.

Aerial & rope suspension is a dangerous activity. However, with a mindful approach, we can mitigate major dangers and even smaller ones.

Intro to Flying (4-5:30pm)
Have you ever considered getting a workout in the air? Intro to Flying involves defying gravity and using your strength to bend and maneuver through aerial straps secured from the ceiling. Targeted for beginners, tops, bottoms, and anyone that would like to get their feet off the ground, this class will cover drills from strengthening to increasing flexibility, with rope suspension in mind. There will be demonstrations, hands-on instruction, and practice time.

Class format:

  • Warm ups – mobility, strength, & flexibility drills
  • Safety & basic suspension poses
  • Self Care

@MistressMaru (she/her) is an artist, aerialist, professional photographer, and educator. Her specialty is the seductive art of Shibari / Japanese bondage. Dancing on the fine line of fantasy and reality, Maru performs at events, burlesque shows, and facilitates aerial skill-share sessions. Check out Mistress Maru for more!

Foundations for Power Exchange Relationships


Part 1 (2:30pm-3:30pm)
This 1-hour class introduces power exchange relationship dynamics and how archetypes are used to make them more fulfilling. We will be leaving it open ended to include a roundtable discussion for people with questions and concerns about their own dynamics. This the first of several classes written to create a personal road map for attendees to prepare for their journey into power exchange relationships as well as some valuable tools for those already on their journey. Future classes will explore how to develop power exchange relationships through the use of Protocol, Ritual, Service, Ceremony and other useful tools.

Part 2 (3:45pm-5:30pm)
(Text Pending)

Your Instructor:
@Meister_Schmerz (he/him) is a Professional Bad Guy with a track record going back over 20 years performing at some of the most infamous BDSM events on the planet, including Club Hell, Torture Garden, KitKat Club, and Wasteland Amsterdam. When not on the road performing or teaching at BDSM events and retreats, Schmerz is a bondage rigger for several adult sites and content creators, starting out his career with Dungeon Corp’s Strict Restraints site in 2008 with his most recent work appearing in Hustler magazine. Schmerz has been honing and developing his 24/7 M/s Lifestyle for the past 20 years, finding it to be one of the most satisfying aspects of his BDSM. Find out more at or

BDSM 101


Welcome to the kink life! While there’s no “one true way” in doing kink, in this class we suggest some best practices that can aid you in navigating this lifestyle in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. We’ll be covering privacy, ethics, basic scene breakdown, vetting partners, negotiation and consent, communicating intensity, scene etiquette, aftercare, drops, also notes on additional resources for further learning. If you wanna learn how it all goes down, we hope to see you there!

Devilnawa (he/him) is an artist, educator, and coach for shibari / Japanese bondage and safe BDSM practices. He performs at kink events, and burlesque shows and facilitates skillshare and beginner classes.

Sunday Service


PLEASE NOTE: Kink 101 is required if you haven’t been a Nawa event before or attended orientation (

Sunday Service is an event that not just take service tops and bottoms and give them a open safe place, it’s also for service industry that finally have a place to live it up on a Sunday. We will be debuting this event on July 2nd.

With enough support, we might be able to rotate a party like this in more regularly. Light refreshments and snacks provided.

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