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Mid-April Update

Aloha Nawa Fam, 

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different lately. We recently lost our main payment processor, and part of the process of securing a new one is to rebuild the entire site. So please bear with us, for now we’re using PayPal and Venmo for all transactions until we migrate to the new system.

We need YOUR help!

If you can, please spread the word about us, we’re trying to get more members. We want to keep doing this as long as possible, your support means everything! Thank you everyone that’s been supporting us so far. 🫶🏼

Here’s some events I got my eye on: 

  • April 18: Cigar Social: April Showers
    Wanna see some old friends and meet new kinky people? We’ve got you covered. This is a public event, so all are welcome. If you’ve been curious about meeting your local kink community, this is the perfect opportunity.
  • Apr 21: Nawa Orientation
    Our Orientations are open to the public and anyone who is 18+ may attend, free of charge. This is where you will learn about our facility, our mission, our rules and conduct at parties & events, and the basics of what to expect as you explore at Nawa. Whether you join or not, it’s a great class of insights into our lifestyle & is very beneficial to anyone interested in how our lifestyle works.
  • Apr 21: Rope Skillshare and Social
    It’s a 2-hour skillshare and social, it’s going to be fairly informal but should be a lot of fun. We got loaner ropes if anyone needs. Open to all.
  • Apr 22: Leather and Lace
    Enjoy the social hour from 7-8 pm, and the floor opens at 8 pm for education and demos. Dress code is vanilla to the door… and leather, lace, or a combination of both inside! There will be demonstrations from the fabulous Issa Vybe, as well as the glamorous Kasey Kupcake! And of course a rope tying session for your consideration by the Devil Himself, Devilnawa.
  • Apr 28: Rope Intensive: Intro To Shibari, Parts 1 and 2
    We will be packing our “Intro To Shibari” series into ONE WEEKEND so if you wanna catch up on things, here is the perfect chance.
  • Apr 29: Rope Intensive: Intro To Shibari, Parts 3 and 4

Quote I’m Pondering:

All of us cannot be understood by another human being perfectly. There’s an area of loneliness inside everybody. To blame someone for not understanding you fully, is deeply unfair. It’s already hard enough for us to understand ourselves, and even when we do, we have such a hard time communicating ourselves to other people. Therefore, to be furious, enraged, and bitter that people don’t get who we are, is a cruel piece of immaturity. It’s the breeding ground of a certain type of impatience. 

Youtube video I’m really digging right now:

Polyamory, Open Relationships and Kink: A Conversation with Dr. Liz Powell

Does it seem like everyone in the kink community is into polyamory these days? What is up with those Doms who have 20 different submissive partners? What the heck is unicorn hunting, and what about triads? If you’ve been curious about non-monogamous relationships, swinging and or ethical polyamory than this is the conversation for you. From relationship styles, dealing with jealousy, myths and misconceptions, to how to open up your existing partnership this video has it all. Big thank you to Dr. Liz for sharing their thoughts!